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Women Use Your Power

OBEY is proud to offer the Use Your Power - Voting Pack. This pack is dedicated to the voting process, encouraging people to use their rights and make a difference at the polls. Regardless of your party affiliation or beliefs, voting allows everyone the ability to speak their mind and elect officials that they feel are most beneficial to the growth and direction of the country. As the ACLU says, “Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest.”


The pack consists of 4 graphics: 2 by Shepard Fairey and 2 by his design studio, Studio Number One. The title of the Use your Power Pack is derived from text take from Shepards own design titled “American Rage”


The “American Rage” image is a celebration of protest as a form of civic participation in democracy. I don’t ever condone violence or looting, but I understand why things can reach a boiling point, resulting in riots, when people feel that the American system has failed them over and over. Martin Luther King Jr. said “A riot is the language of the unheard”. King also condemned politicians who “are more devoted to order than justice”. I urge people not to conflate peaceful protest with “criminal agitation” or “inciting a riot.” When the system fails the people, it is nothing short of patriotic for the people to protest for a solution.


Use Your Power will fall under our OBEY Awareness program. Profits will be split between the ACLU and reinvestment of funds into procuring billboards and producing pasters leading up to the November election.


It is extremely important to vote because democracy only works when we participate. - Shepard Fairey